We are Audune Games, an independent game studio based in The Netherlands, creating immersive narrative fantasy games.

Founded and led by Danae Dekker, a game audio designer with a wish to make her dream a reality, Audune Games tries to combine intruiging and cute stories, unusual fantasy worlds, and the most whimsical game music into an immersive narrative experience.

Our first big project has been Invisible Wings: Chapter One, a visual novel set in a modern fantasy world where faeries and humans were supposed to live together. This proof of concept tells about Dawn and her quest of accepting her faerie heritage. The game was released for free in 2021 at Steam and Itch.io, and the definitive patch, containing an all-new soundtrack, was relesed in early 2023.

To deliver the most perfect experience, Audune outsources many of its team roles during development. In the past we have worked with several awesome talented people around the world, including artists as Maricu Mana, Flairi and RunicPixels, and voice actors such as Katherine Tole and Jessica Spencer.

Our games

Take a look at the games we're currently working on or have worked on in the past!

Invisible Wings: Chapter One

A visual novel set in a dystopian fantasy world, where you're helping Dawn, a young woman of faerie descent, with her first steps into loving and accepting who she is in a modern world where faeries and humans were supposed to live in harmony. The game is available for free on Steam and Itch.io and the soundtrack is available on Steam, Bandcamp and major streaming platforms.

Game jam entries

We love to participate in game jams and help out fellow game developers with coding, audio design and narrative design. Check out our favorite entries below!

Roots of Skye

Made for GGJ 2023 together with Arto Koistinen, Auroranekai, Flashkirby and RunicPixels. Play as a viking elf girl who wants to learn more about her forgotten ancestors and decides to sail towards the Skye tree and climb it to discover its secrets and learn about her past.

Warden of the Woods

Made for Ludum Dare 52 together with Arto Koistinen, Nekkohime, RumbootsArt and RunicPixels. You're the newly appointed guardian of the Fairy Forest! It's the easiest job in the world! Absolutely nothing can go wrong! Or so they say...

Sakura Shrine

Made for Ludum Dare 50 together with Arto Koistinen and RunicPixels. A narrative tower defence-like game about a priestess protecting the sacred sakura tree from demons. Awarded 50th place in art and 32nd place in audio.


Made for GGJ 2022 together with CoolCast. Discover the duality between being either a chonky buff cat or a agile mage cat in the streets of ancient Greece. Awarded 5th place in art and 4th place in audio of all Dutch entries.

Fairy Lost

Made for GGJ 2021 together with CoolCast. A game about exploring a mysterious magical forest as a lost fairy on her way back home. Awarded 2nd place overall, 1st place in art and 2nd place in audio of all Dutch entries.


Made for Ludum Dare 47 together with Arto Koistinen. An adventure about the week of Halloween, where you don't have a date for the school's party on Saturday! Unfortunately, there's is also another threat looming in the horizon.

Asset packs

Games often need common assets, and we're excited to share the assets we've made with our fellow game developers. Check out this section for assets you can use in your own projects. Sharing is caring!

Audune Prompts

Free to use button prompts for keyboard, mouse and modern controllers, which were made with a minimal yet clear design in mind. The prompts are licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Get in touch

If you wish to contact Audune Games, please send us an email or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook, and we'll answer you as soon as possible! If you have any questions about or need support for one of our games or products, please contact support.

You can also hop by at Mae's Place, our public Discord server, where we'll be happy to chat with you or give you support for our games.